Mentorship Program To construct a successful career, it is essential to find out right mentors at right time. Mentors help you in taking your career to the next level by facilitating you with their professional coaching, training, and advice. Mentors are not only for your success but they meant the difference between your failing and startup scaling.

Learn Dropshipping From Guru

With a dream and passion for changing the digitization image of Pakistan, Usman Akhtar starts his work from Lahore. He wants to make the Pakistani students independent and confident with his professional qualification regarding the Amazon courses. He comes with a mindset of changing people especially students via his virtual skills, potential building, and character improvement. In a short period, he makes his repute in the digital skills market through his hard work.

He doing his best to convey his knowledge about digital skills in a remarkable way. Through his professional qualification, he developed a part of passionate people that are in a continuous cycle of taking the economy and e-commerce sector of Pakistan to another level.

Brakley qualified students earn over $75 million in a small period of 3 years. He creates his vision to help the economy of Pakistan by adding Rs 5 Billion to the digital sector in the year 2025 with the help of his qualified students. He wants to run 100,000 new businesses of digitization due to its global increase in demand. His vision facilitates the people by reducing unemployment in the country.

He has a knowledge of 8 years in dealing with every type of complicated task. He has also a well-known knowledge of management skills of different online platforms. With the help of his diverse experience, Usman Akhtar is known for his achievements and skill in Amazon, sales generation, and Drop-shipping.

In short, Usman Akhtar is the person who not only did promises but also fulfills them. As a result of his hard work and excellent skills, a large number of people are currently doing their online international businesses. His untiring efforts are contributing a lot in providing the growth of the digital landscape and in making Pakistan a successful country in every aspect.

Benefits Of Mentorship

High Quality Training

Mentorship programs usually fail because the mentors do not have the proper skills and experience. In this way, Brakley provides his students with the best quality training by our highly experienced and qualified team that helps them in their courses but also their character building.

Customized Training Program

Our training sessions are not restricted. We try our best to facilitate the students in every matter. For this, we also offer a type of training which is Customized Training Program. In this, the student can easily select the feature of Amazon about which they want to increase their knowledge. They can also select their timing as well as mentors.

Complete Training till expert level

We designed our training sessions to make the students an Amazon expert. After joining Brakley, our mentors clear every concept of Amazon. Students can easily run their online business on the international platform while having a wide knowledge of dropshipping to order fulfillment.

Special Training From guru

We also offer a special training program to the students by our GURU '' Usman Akhtar''. He conveys his message with a broad vision of making the people self-sufficient and provides them with a comfortable environment. He train a community for a future that would maintain and increase the level of the country's economy.

Success based Evaluation and training

The best thing about Brakley is that our ''Guru'' wants to create opportunities for students so that they can learn and grow. We staunchly believe in increasing students to pursue professional qualifications. Brakley offers different types of scholarships for students based on financial aid, need-based, and merit.

Best to start dropshipping business

Due to the untiring efforts of CEO Usman Akhtar and our expert mentors, Brakley is considered the first choice of many students who want to take themselves on another level in the popular trend of dropshipping business. We ensure you to help you in achieving your dream lifestyle by starting a dropshipping business with us.

Multidimensional training from mentor

We designed our multidimensional training for those students who want to become an expert of Amazon. Our mentors will guide the students that change their jobholder's mind into business mind. This sort of training helps the student in better understanding from dropshipping to order fulfillment.

Direct help and guide from mentor

We provide our students with a calming and joyful environment. Our mentors first understand the nature of students and then according to it, teach them. We keep the student in the top of our priority list. They can contact the mentors in case of every guidance.

Be part of our community

We invite the students of Pakistan to join us in making our e-commerce industry famous all over the world. By joining the Brakley community, we can help each other in making and enhancing business opportunities. This effort of our e-commerce experts and the students help the economy of the country.

Life time support from brakley

Brakley provides their students with lifetime support. Our company is not within the boundaries of courses but after the completion of training, we help our students in running their online business on Amazon. We help them in investing money at the initial stage of their business by giving them loans.

Quick and fast learning environment

Our training environment specifically designs to keep the students away from the frustration of long-time learning. The professional mentors of Brakley teach them in a quiet and distraction-free environment that helps to pick points quickly without disturbing their mind in any way.

Get exclusive updates and help

Brakley has a vast range of social media networks that are established to facilitate the students who belong from far areas. Students can get the latest update with the help of these accounts. There are special chat boots from which you can get the answer to your queries.

What you will learn

Complete Amazon Dropshipping
In this course, Brakley covers everything to begin an associate international business on an online platform i.e. Amazon Dropshipping business in Pakistan. This course helps the students in the selection of products based on their market demand. This course makes you able to understand different online accounts and it is mainly offered to facilitate the people who want to emerge themselves into e-commerce business.
Product Hunting
Selling products is the principal work in Amazon. This course prepares you for choosing high demanded items that result in the increase of business sales by making you an expert in analyzing current market trends. This feature is introduced to help you at the time of investment in products and save you from potentially making an incorrect call for sourcing products.
Order fulfilment
Order fulfillment is also known as FBA which is stand for Fulfillment by Amazon. This course clears every doubt of students, related to packing, storing, and handling of transactions as well as shipping orders. This course helps you in making a desirable seller, which positively influences the customers and your business because a positive and high-rated seller is a symbol of authentication.
Customer management
Students who enroll themselves in this course become well aware of customer relationship management (CRM). You can easily manage your customer history by knowing about CRM. We offer a well-qualified and experienced team for this purpose because Amazon's CRM software is different from another one as they built their CRM software in-house.
Account health managemnet
By enrolling yourselves in this course, our mentors will train you about every concept of account health management. This feature of Amazon is a complete mastery in itself. You cannot run a business on this platform without proper information of (AHR). After this course, you can easily estimate your target performance and can work on the selling policies of Amazon.
Advanced dropshipping tricks
Everyone knows about drop shipping but only a few of them know how to make their drop shipping advance. If you want to earn thousands of dollars every year or even every week then this course is perfect. This course guides you about some tips and tricks that make you well known in the famous trend of drop shipping.
Amazon suspension
This course is specifically designed to teach you how to keep your account safe, secure, and active by our suspension experts' teams. We provide a brief lecture on every topic regarding Amazon suspension that facilitates our students in a better and long-lasting understanding of it. After this, you have a proper understanding that why it is necessary to keep suspensions avoided.
How to start new account
You cannot run your business without having an account on an international online platform i.e. Amazon. In this course, you will learn a complete guide and information regarding the formation of seller and buyer accounts on Amazon. Our professional team of mentors teaches you proper practicals about account registration. After this course, you are ready to take the first step towards your million-dollar journey
How to get sale on an old account
None of us can stick to the same thing for a lifetime. This course will not only make you able to make an account but also teach you how to sell your old account. Every little detail has been discussing by our mentors that will clear your questions. After this course, you can easily sell your account whenever you want to change the nature of your business.
How to be a successful dropshipper
Every good thing provides us with benefits but there are some tips and tricks that can be used for enhancing their beneficial list. Likewise, Brakley team guides their students about some tips and tricks that uplift your expertise in dropshipping. Moreover, we provide every information regarding Amazon, no one can stop you from becoming a successful drop shipper.

Types of sessions

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Brakley tries to facilitate their student in the best manner. That's why we have introduced the concept of physical as well as a virtual learning environment. Now the students of far areas have not to worry about their physical presence in the training.

Types of Mentorship

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